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Astrophysics and Art

Today the Nucleus Millenium ERIS -@NucleoEris- celebrated - the closing of its first outreach activity at the school Bello Horizonte in Lota, Chile, combining science and art with the awesome contribution of Piero Maturana "El Asombro " -@pieromaturana- and the amazing rockets constructed by the students!! We thanks the support of the teachers, school directors and the center of parents! Thank you! @SeremiCienciaCS @CentrosAnid #STEM @pdjofre @oei_arg @AstroUC

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No limits for knowledge and creativity

My “previous life” in astrophysics has given me an amazing start as a ML-focused software engineer, who now works in the development of novel medical devices. Throughout my academic career, I knew tha

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